Giving Your Cat The Best Sleep

Like all animals, cats love sleeping. As humans love comfortable beds for sleeping, so do cats. But the type of bed to get for your pet may be quite a challenge.

Here we have outlined things you need to note when planning to get a bed for your cat. From pod beds to kitty condos and every other things in between are taken into consideration.

If your pet is the type that loves watching squirrels, birds and other thing through the window, you should consider getting a window perch. In most cases, the material for window perch is not normally cushioned and it only comes in a standard color. But recently, people have been modifying it by adding a towel or cushion folded on top of the window perch.


Lets take a look at some of our top choice of beds to ensure your cat is as comfortable as possible.

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Top ChoicesNameMore InfoStyleMaterial
VERTAST Cat Small Dog Cosy Bed Pets Igloo Bed Hideout Cave, Cushion Washable, greyEnclosed IglooSynthetic Fur
Rosewood 40 Winks Tweed And Plush Pet Bed (Assorted Colours)OpenTweed With Soft Inner
Rosewood 40 Winks Teddy Bear Hooded Cat BedEnclosedSoft Fabric
Lamzoom Deluxe Pet Bed for CatsOpenSoft Fabric
Petsfit Pet Car Booster Seat with Seat Belt TetherOpenCloth And Synthetic Fur
Twin Critters – Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed (Large) I Ecofriendly Cat Cave I Felted from 100% Natural Merino Wool I Handmade Pod for Cats and Kittens EnclosedNatural Merino Wool

The Countdown to Our Favourite

No.6 – The Vertast Cosy Igloo


A stylish, highly durable comfortable igloo. This is the perfect place for your cat or kitten to hide and have a snooze.

It has a nice high front which helps keep out the drafts and has faux fur inside so your kitty will be nice and warm.

A great place for your pet to hide and is suitable for both kittens and older cats with enough room for a couple of kittens inside.


No.5 – The Rosewood 40 Winks Plush Bed

This is an open style which some pets prefer. Ours will not go inside an igloo/ cave style and has been the same since he was a kitten. 

This is a good quality one and very soft to the touch which your pet will love. It has nice high sides to curl into and lean against for security and comfort.
 No.4 – Rosewood 40 Winks Teddy Bear Hooded
An enclosed style in a teddy bear style. Very cosy and roomy enough inside for your kitty to sleep in his or her chosen position or have a stretch. 

A very good quality bed with plenty of padding. Suitable for both kitten and adult cat they are sure to love sleeping in this one.


No.3 – Lamzoon Deluxe Pet Bed

A nesting pet cave perfect for those pets who love to curl up and feel safe. Great quality and material with modern and stylish looks. 

Supportive sides which will keep your pet warm and cosy. Available in a variety of colours and two sizes, either 50cm or 70cm diameter.


No. 2 – Petsfit Pet Car Booster Seat And Comfort Sofa

This is not only a bed but also a booster seat for the front or rear of your car with a safety belt and leash to keep it secure. 

All our cats have their own personalities and I know mine does not remotely enjoy being in the car for the short journey to the vet so would not take advantage of this feature, however if yours enjoys a car ride then this is an added bonus. 

It is soft and comfortable and even if you do not get the car seat function out of it, this bed does have an elevated position and we know our pets love being high up. 

It also has a reversible inner so you can have it on the fluffy side for cold days and the light and smooth side for hot days.


No. 1 Choice – Twin Critters Cat Cave

These are handcrafted using New Zealand 100% natural Merino wool meaning they are incredibly soft.

A great cave for all sizes – from kittens to Main Coon.

The beds are made with no harsh chemicals.

The super-soft felted wool will keep your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Multi-functional – can be used as a cave but also flattened to use as a mat.

 Choices For An Outdoor Cat

 If you are considering an outdoor one for your domestic and feral cats to lie on, you will want a place to sleep that promises your pet a perfectly safe spot from the elements. 

The best design is one that is made up with a vinyl backing to provide resistance to water is a good choice but wood ones also provide the protection an outdoor sleeping pet will need.

Some points to check are that it does not hold up snow or rain unless it has been covered with a tarp, it is built for covered areas such as a garage or under a porch, one should take note. Is the entrance and exit easy, maybe having two doors on either side of the house would be a good idea. 

The walls and doors can all be easily removed or attached with hook-and-loop closure, and a zipper is used to attach the roof. 

There are also heated versions to keep your fluffy bundle toasty and warm during harsh weather but these require some extra work for the heater to work.
Cat House Kitten Den Outdoor Pet Wooden Maisonette Shelter Luxury Garden Home Patio Hut
Mr Snugs Outdoor Cat Kennel House & Shelter – Various Colours

Cat House Kitten Den Outdoor Pet Wooden Maisonette Shelter Luxury Garden Home Patio Hut


We have one of these for our cat and although it took him a few days to get used to it, it now one he uses almost daily. During the summer he enjoys the top layer which is nice and open but shelters him from the sun. He loves to be outside so in the winter/ rain he likes being inside and watching what is going on in his garden.

It is well constructed, sturdy and looks great in the garden. Our boy is quite large, 9 kg and 36 inches long and he fits in just fine.



Mr Snugs Outdoor Kennel House & Shelter – Various Colours

This one requires no assembly and is a once piece molded construction which ensures it is weather and waterproof.

It has an overhang at the front and offers UV protection.

Being plastic makes it easy to clean and will not rot like wood potentially could.

For Cats Who Like It Warm


If your cutie is always looking for a warm spot to snuggle up, then a heated type is maybe what it needs. A thermal heated design will help your kitty stay warm in the coldest of temperatures.

They have a built in heater that will warm the cushion up to usually between 10 and 15 degrees above the room temperature. It will not be as hot as the normal heated human product, it is not a heating pad, be advised! They really love the cozy spot that the heated type provides.

This type is the best choice for older pets or those with arthritic problems, as the heat can help ease their aching joints. You should note that this bed needs to be plugged to an outlet for it to heat up, but it should not really affect your electric bill as it is a relatively small heater compared to the typical household ones.

Art of Paws Electric Heated Pet Sanctuary; Warm Woolly Heated Pet Mat Electric Heated Bedding and Ideal Heated Dog Pad

Automatically adjusts to when your cat is present or not. When they are away it remains at just above room temperature and when they return it heats up more.

Built in overheating protection with chew proof cord.

If what you need is a cat cave that is cozy and comfortable as well as secure and which has a tube kind of feel then the Twin Critters design is definitely the one to go for. Your pet will love the soft, cuddly feel and the warmth this bed provides.

The egg nest design  has a high quality feel that is like fleece to touch. It can be washed by hand or machine and you just know your pet will be keeping warm in this in the winter.

For a cheap and standard variety that provides maximum comfort you should consider a Self-Warming one. These beds are suitable for most size of kitties; the exterior material is made up of good-looking corduroy with a faux-wool lining on the inside. The sides are soft enough to compress and also accommodate multiple cats squeezing into it, and still hold its firm shape. Your kitty can lie on this one and feel warmth without having to plug it to any source of power as the bottom inner part of the bed is lined with a heat-reflecting material mostly seen in survival blankets today.

Things To Consider When Buying Cat Bedding


  • i. Durability: Cats are very playful, digging their nails into things and getting scents all over stuffs is common to them. Getting one that can withstand wear and tear should be on your mind when taking note of the playfulness of this mammal.
  • ii. Appearance: The appearance plays a very vital role in your purchase decision. It may seem like the least important factor, but trust me when I say it really matters. There are varieties of color in the market, but it is profitable to choose the one that match with your home decor.
  • iii. Ease of cleaning: They should be quite easy to wash, or it may have a removable cover for cleaning. As often as we clean our own beds to prevent odors, dirt, and dander from building up, so should you keep your bedding clean as often as you can. Always look out for bedding that can make it easy for you to keep neat bed as frequently as possible.
  • iv. Size: Though beds comes in variety of shapes such as cube, round, tunnel, ball, etc. Normal reasoning tells you that it should be large enough to accommodate the whole cat. The size should be the first factor on your mind before choosing one for your pet. An animal should be able to lie fully and stretch out fully without its limbs hanging off the sides. It is very important to note this.


Where To Position


Now this will all depend upon your pet. They change their mind quite often about where they want to sleep. Sometimes a cheap old cardboard box on the floor will keep them perfectly happy but most time our furry friends want some luxury. Your cat will definitely want somewhere nice and warm and near a source of heat but take care they are not getting too hot. 

They do have a higher body temperature than humans so do need more heat but don’t let them get overly hot. They will of course move if they are uncomfortable but some are lazy and stubborn so take care where you place their sleeping place.

Which Types Do Indoor Pets Prefer


We have already looked through our best choices of beds for our pets but there is a huge range out there and we will look through some of the more popular ones on this site. For example, indoor cats that want to keep an eye on the outside world, you can consider getting a hammock

This type of window perch will give your pet a window seat. This hammock is held up by super strong suction cups that will hold up to 55 pounds. The support cables are made from tough metal. They are adjustable in length so that it is high enough to reach your window, though the decision to make minor modification to fit a much smaller window rests on you and your pets preference/