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Cats Love To Be In A Raised Position


Cats love to be high looking down on their territory and humans and this extends to when they are sleeping. Their fondness of height stems from their early natural instinct. Many years ago, much like wild cats today, our now domestic moggies were hunters and being up high gave them an advantage when hunting for prey.

Being up high also served as protection. With their claws they were able to scale trees which gave them a safety from other predators while sleeping. This feeling of safety translates to our domesticated cats in our homes where there may be a plethora of other things they may wish to monitor from an elevated position.

Being high up is also seen as a status symbol. The highest position would, in the wild, be for the most dominant cat so in the home and being up high makes your cat feel like that actual “top cat”.

There are many naturally raised positions that your cat will make their own but sometimes they needed to be provided not only for the feeling of safety but also for their mental stimulation.

While not as high as some natural places a raised cat bed could provide your cat with that all important height and still provide him or her with a cozy place to sleep.

                                                     Why Choose An Elevated Style Bed For Your Cat

As as been previously mentioned, your cat will instinctively like being in an elevated position compared to the world in which it lives. Giving them this choice will make them feel comfortable, happy and know that they have a safe place to hide away. However, they most likely will not want to sleep their the whole of the time and you should be also giving your cat other choices of sleeping areas, although they are generally pretty good at deciding where they wish to sleep.

Most cats will choose to sleep on your bed at some point. They see where you sleep and want to copy and it helps that our beds and generally soft, warm and comfortable.

Another one of those places they enjoy to sleep is the sofa and you may begin to wonder whether this is due to the soft and warm environment again or because you sit there.

One of our cats, and we imagine the same for many mores favourite places is a simple cardboard box which is cheap and easy to find and replace although finding one the correct size for you kitty to curl up in and be comfortable can sometimes be a little tricky.


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